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Unleashing the Power of Proptech and Contech Founders


Campus Proptech empowers Latam’s most promising real estate and construction technology founders and provides a network, community and gives insight supporting investors and corporate clients.


We bring you top mentoring and network

Learn from Proptech & Contech founders and operators backed by the best

Our mission is to acelerate the future real estate and construction technology leaders of the next 1000 startups in Latin America with our mentoring program.

Build on a solid foundation

We are here to empower you along your journey as a founder, from preparing you with the tools to raise your investment by introducing you with our most active venture capital network in proptech starting from seed, series A to M&A. Campus Proptech helps guide founders through best practices and market conditions to drive results.

Streamline your vision

We’re creating the program that proptech and contech entrepreneurs wished they had earlier from our experience in real estate and construction. We will focus on matching you with relevant experts and mentors to support you with your most important challenges. Many of us learned the hard way from the lonely path, making plenty of mistakes, but this shouldn’t be the case for you.

Media Presence 

The Proptech Campus is an exclusive real estate technology think tank and network of over +8,000 members. We inform and educate the real estate, venture capital, and entrepreneurial community on real estate technology. Advertise on our medias and partners get your company in front of the most dynamic audience of technology investors, real estate professionals, proptech companies, and journalists.


CEO’s and startups mentored and empowered in Latam


Advisors in all areas: technology, marketing, pitch, legal, growth, finance and others


Strategic allies of the Proptech and Contech ecosystem

Latam top exclusive community

Where proptech and contech makers connect 

Whastapp Channel

We have a Whatsapp channel where we talk about the movements in the industry.

Proptech Edition

Don’t miss the most important online events of the campus.

Beyond events with cutting edge content

Membership: varied networking, intros for connections & opportunities.

Our Blueprint

Explore the full stories and content that redefine our ecosystem

Are you interested in joining us as a corporate partner?


We work with companies who want to join our mission to drive faster co-creation and innovation in real estate and construction technology.




Frequently asked questions

You have the questions, we have the answers.

What is Campus Proptech?

Campus Proptech is a mentoring program and community for startups and founders who need support on their journey from business idea to capital raising or M&A.

Is there a fee for the mentoring program?

Yes, the mentoring program is priced depending on the phase of the startup and number of mentorships the founder needs.

Why are there other programs that are free of charge? What is the difference?

Most startups and founders that come to us from other accelerator programs or incubators are not satisfied with their mentors, mainly because they do not have the expertise in real estate and construction industry.

You will learn from founders and operators backed by the best in proptech and contech in Latam.

What is the duration of the mentoring program?

We think about the flexibility and time of the teams and founders. Therefore, the number of mentorships can range from one to a maximum of eight. Each mentoring is one hour or in some cases can be extended up to an hour and a half.

What is the methodology of the mentoring program?

Simple. We conduct a free 15-minute session with the founder or team. We make a diagnosis and define the goals to start the sessions. There is no entail, the founder and team must execute and achive the commitments acquired with the mentor.

If you are an startup, lets talk here

How can I get my message across the community and latam ecosystem?

Advertise on Campus Proptech which is unique, and get your company in front of the most dynamic audience of technology investors, real estate professionals, proptech companies, and journalists. We provide our advertising partners with ROI-proven opportunities, including dedicated email blasts, banner ads, podcast, email takeovers, thought-leading speaking opportunities, and more.

Is Campus Proptech an accelerator?

No. Campus Proptech is not an accelerator. We don’t invest or take equity. We offer an mentoring program and community.

But…in some cases we introduce your startup to our venture capital network in proptech and contech. In this case, there is a fee to guide the process of the capital raised.